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COUNTRY-SIDE        Print  (a) Country side (b) Cut-outs   2.  ICE-CREAM       Print  (a) Ice-cream

Ramadan and Eid Coloring

Masjid Al Haram  (Print) Al Kaaba (Print) My Quran (Print) Ramadan Noor (Print) Prayers (Print) Ramadan Iftar  (Print) Breaking fast (Print) Prayer and Duaa (Print) Duaas (Print) Eid Mubarak (Print) Eid Mubarak celebrations (Print) Flower coloring (Print)   Rainbow (print) Bus (print) Umbrella (print) Bag (print )  Gown Cup-cakes (print)   Pencil colors    


Color and create a bus      Print the bus Color Cut out Fold along solid lines Glue where indicated

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